PicPay is a Brazilian financial technology (fintech) company that provides digital wallet and payment services through a mobile app. It allows users to make various financial transactions, such as bill payments, money transfers, mobile phone top-ups, and online purchases, in a quick and easy way.

With PicPay, users can create a digital wallet account that is linked to their bank accounts or credit/debit cards. They can then use the app to send and receive money to other PicPay users, pay bills, make purchases at participating merchants, and even withdraw money from ATMs in Brazil. PicPay also offers cashback and rewards programs to incentivize its users.

PicPay has gained popularity in Brazil as a convenient and user-friendly way to manage digital payments and financial transactions, providing an alternative to traditional banking methods. The company has also expanded its services to include a PicPay Card, which is a virtual Visa card that can be used for online purchases, and offers additional features such as installment payments and cashback rewards.

With PicPay you can:

– Make transfers to other people, free of charge, via your digital wallet or via pix to any banking institution.
– With your free Digital Account, your money is safe and earns more than savings!
– Pay bills and pay bills in up to 12 installments with a credit card.
– Pay fines and your car’s IPVA
– Make your money pay off with 102% of the daily liquidity CDI
– Earn cashback (cash back) on several purchases, directly on your free Digital Account balance.
– Recharge your cell phone from anywhere;
– Recharge your transport card through the app, avoiding queues and streamlining your day to day (Valid for São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Diadema, Taubaté, Sorocaba, Rio de Janeiro and Pelotas);
– Buy credits for online games;
– Buy online credit for your favorite digital services, such as Uber and Ifood, using your Digital Account balance.
– Buy credits from your cable TV operator or streaming service;
– Make payments at thousands of establishments that use PicPay Empresas or via QR Code at Cielo, Rede and Getnet machines;

And besides all that, there’s always a new promotion for you to take advantage of and earn cash back. It can be at the market, paying friends, at the pharmacy: just stay tuned for the messages we send and take advantage of our cashback!

PicPay brings all the facilities you need in a single digital account, it’s free, it has a credit card without annuity, cashback, transfers, pix, payment of bills and installment slips. And your money still earns more than savings!

Link Download App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.picpay

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