A Carteira de Trabalho Digital is a digital version of the traditional Brazilian work and social security identification document known as “Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social” (CTPS). It was created to make it easier for workers to access their work-related and social security information.

The digital version of the document was launched in 2017 by the Brazilian government and is available for free on the internet. Workers can access their digital CTPS through a mobile app or by accessing the government’s online portal. The digital version has the same legal validity as the physical document and contains all the same information, such as work contracts, salary history, and social security contributions.

The Carteira de Trabalho Digital is intended to make it easier for workers to manage their employment records, apply for social security benefits, and access other government services related to work and employment. It is also more secure than the physical version, as it is protected by a personal identification number and can be easily verified by employers and government agencies.

The Digital Employment Card is a tool for citizens to easily monitor their working life, having access to personal data and their employment contracts that are registered in the Employment and Social Security Card.

The Digital Work Card also allows you to apply for Unemployment Insurance, and consult other labor benefits, such as Salary Bonus, TAC-Taxi Driver Benefit and Emergency Benefit.

Link Download App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.gov.dataprev.carteiradigital

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